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My Dreams

I am very fortunate to have an opportunity to get a chance to come to the United State of America. I would like to thanks to my master and devotees who support to bring me here in the land of opportunity. Everyone has a dream and goal to do something for oneself or for the family. As a Buddhist monk, I also have dreams, I am sure that land of opportunity will fulfill my dreams.

Firstly, I really wish to have a Buddhist college for the novice monk who can study about Buddhism in India or Nepal. That is my first wish or Dream. In 2009 I have requested some of my elders and teachers to open a school in India or Nepal. But no any feedback so far, I don’t know how to start and who will support, but I am sure when the condition is right everything will manifest. I strongly believe that “Where there is a will there is a way”.

My Second wish is to open an orphanage center in a poor country like India, Nepal Sri Lanka, Burma etc. Where kids of a poor family or less fortunate can stay there and go to schools. As we know that education is the main pillar of our life. Those who blessed with the education will get a better life. Even though poor children are from poor families if they have opportunities to go to school. They will come up with something for their better future. Who knows, if we help them, they may do something for others who are like them as well.

Finally, everyone has to go through the old aged. I wish to have an old aged home where who does not have support from family can stay there until the end of their journey of life. I keep my vows in my prayers and put some efforts in my day-to-day life. Hope one day these dreams will come true and benefit many people who have a karmic connection with me. May Buddha bless all.

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