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I Love You Mom program is one of the new and important programs that we have started last year. I am very happy to let everyone know that teenage moms in Sri Lanka are already receiving your love and care. Last week Liza Yuen and Rame Chiu from Hong Kong especially make a trip to see the Teenage mom and delivered lots of daily use stuff. They also had a meeting with the abbot of Sri Bodhiraja Temple who is currently giving the shelter to these teenage moms. They discussed how we can help these young moms to have a better life and how we can prevent this kind of unfortunate things to happen to other innocents children. I would like to thanks to Rame and Lisa for making this special trip to help them. I also would like to thanks all the supporter from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and the USA. I will post more details information on my next post about this program. With the help of all these generous people, we can lift-up the lives of many unfortunate people like these teenage moms.

There are lots of things to do for others. I hope that those who are interested in helping others with their education, and way of living. Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to let know you know what we can do together.

Again thanks for making this program active and helpful. May Buddha bless all. Amituofo

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