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Dharma Verses

318902_10151082684651512_660739016_n慧光師父 開示 1. 恭敬低頭,才會有看到自己的機會... Only by bowing your head in respect will you have an opportunity to see yourself. 2. 真正的忍耐,不是一直在委屈自己,而是對善法的肯定和承擔! True endurance is not always feeling being wrongly treated by others, but it is an affirmation and undertake of good. 3. 惡行,是苦的因緣! Unwholesome act is the cause of suffering! 4. 如果你真正認識世間的無常變化,就能生起出離心,不會念念不捨。 If you...
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