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Hand-folded Thanks

IBS Prison Program is extended to almost all the state prisons in California. Who makes this program so smooth and productive? You may say the IBS members who visit these prisons on regular basic, but I got to tell the truth. This program is running entirely with the support of many people. This program won’t be successful and beneficial without generous people from all over the world. On behalf of IBS, I would like to thanks all the online volunteers, supporter, and recurring donors.

Recently, we are on 15 days northern California prisons trip. This time many people bless us to make this trip worthwhile. This time our visits are very smooth and productive so far. I want to extend my gratitude to the supporter from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Canada, Taiwan, and the USA. Our special thanks to Joyce Huang and family for accommodating us three-nights stay at her house. We also would like to thanks to Andy who is the owner of a Vietnamese restaurant in Chowchilla. He always serves us vegetarian food for free of cost and also donated the program. On the way back on coming Friday, we are invited by Leanne Chen to her house for two-night accommodation in Irvine. We salute you all who have been supporting to make the IBS Program smooth and successful. Thanks for your selfless effort and support. Amituofo

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