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IBS Prison Program


There are no any bad people in this world but there
are people who make mistake out of ignorance.

古語云: 人誰無過, 過而能改, 善莫大焉.

菩薩寺從1995年開始從事監獄佈教活動. 在2006年正式成立為州立政府核淮的非牟利慈善團體.宗旨是將佛陀珍貴的教法傳送到鐵圍內被人遺棄的法友們. 希望透過講授與聽聞佛法,讓他們能夠獲得身心的平靜與精神的安慰.

International Bodhisattva Sangha (IBS) started the Prison Program since 1995. IBS was formally established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in November 2006. One of our main goals is to educate inmates in the state prisons about Buddhism, meditation, and the right way of life. Through Dharma education, many inmates found their inner peace and spiritual comfort.

截至2017年年中, 菩薩寺前往加州,俄勒岡,華盛頓和安大略省(加拿大多倫多)佈教的監獄共有33所. 巳經成立的監獄圖書館共有21所. 我們計劃在2017年的其餘時間再設置20多個佛教圖書館。展望將來在各方熱心人士護持下,能夠在加州36所監獄內均成立佛教圖書館. 讓受刑人士有机會學習佛法.

As of mid-2017, IBS has been visiting 33 state prisons California, Oregon, Washington, and Ontario (Toronto, Canada). We are planning to setup 20 more dharma libraries for the rest of 2017.  With the help of passionate supporters, IBS is planning to set up libraries in all 36 state prisons in California in the future.

菩薩寺是一個小團體, 一切經費來源自各方善心人士捐贈. 由於你的慷慨解囊, 讓我們有更多机會去幫助受刑人士來改過自新. 使他們有勇氣再面對社會.做一個有貢獻者.

IBS is a small organization, and all the funding comes from generous donations from our supporters.  With your generous gift, we will have more opportunity to reach more inmates with our prison program, giving them strength and courage on their path in becoming a contributor to the community when they are released.

為了能夠順利推行監獄佈教各項活動, 菩薩寺成立一個每月$10捐贈運動. 有意參與者, 請按這裡.

IBS introduced a $10 Monthly Donation Program for anyone who would like to support the activities included in the Prison Program.  If you would like to make a donation, please press here.

連絡地址 / Contact Information:

International Bodhisattva Sangha (IBS)
9715 Carroll Centre Road Suite #105
San Diego, CA 92126, USA

Shirley Tam (Secretary)
Telephone: +1 619 450 3699
FAX: +1 858 484 1889
E-mail: [email protected]





Happy New Year 2018

January 5, 2018

Dear Dharma Friends,

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!  Let us leave any negativity from 2017 behind and welcome a fresh start for 2018 with hope and positivity.  Let us all learn from the trials and tribulations from the past year and avoid repeating negative thoughts and behaviors. Continue spreading love and hope with wholesome deeds for the new year ahead.

There are many things I’d like to share with everyone about what IBS in USA has accomplished in 2017.  I would like to thank everyone who has been an integral part of each and every event that we have done.  Many thanks to everyone who has supported us to buy land for our IBS Sramanera  School in Nepal.  This is not only important for IBS but also the future of many students and Dharma teachers.  There are currently 20 novice monks that are learning and practicing together.  Ever since we started this school, we have been using the rented house for residence, classrooms and training centers for students.  It is our hope that we will be able to build a home and training center for them in the near future.

I would also like to share that our IBS Prison Program has extended to 32 prisons in the state of California.  I still remember 10 years ago when I first came to the United States we only had two prisons to visit every month.  Gradually over time, we asked our dharma brothers to set up groups whenever they were transferred to other institutions.  We asked them to send us information on how to start a new program in their new prison.  That is how we extended our program gradually.  There are a total of 36 state prisons in California.  It is our hope that we can cover all these prisons by the end of 2018. Prison is not a place that anyone would envision as a good place to be or even visit.  However, IBS chose this place to help the lost souls who are searching for hope, light, and encouragement in their lives.  We are thankful to all those who have generously supported our cause over the years.  This program is growing rapidly and running smoothly because of all the compassionate people in the world.

Our Prison Program is very important not only for the incarcerated brothers and sisters but also for society overall. We as taxpayers are paying for their incarceration.  If we can help them to be released earlier, that money could be better spent on good causes such as schools and hospitals.  Secondly, our program can help them to change their negative way of viewing the world and become a better person in the process.  That is very important because upon their release they will be reintegrated into society.  It is our hope that they can show the future generations who might be going down the wrong path that there is always a better solution than living a life of crime.

Lastly, I’d like to share that our IBS Homeless Program has helped many unfortunate people in 2017 who have been living on the streets. There were 8 cities where we got to pass out food, clothes, and water to our homeless brothers and sisters. These locations were in San Diego, Santa Ana, Los Angles, Fresno, San Jose, Stockton, Merced, and Sacramento.  IBS had also arranged overseas charitable donations for the homeless. We have not only offered meals to the monks in the Monasteries in Nepal, India, and Bhutan but also gotten to help the orphanage, disabled children and many people on the street in many different cities in different countries.  There are currently 9 monasteries where we are offering meals in Nepal, India, and Bhutan. There are 3 orphanage schools where we have been offering special meals by the request of devotees who want to celebrate their birthdays with meal offerings and many brothers and sisters on the streets of India, Nepal and Shi Lanka.

Once again very happy New Year to everyone. Amituofo 🙏🙏🙏

October, up North Prison Program

October 5, 2017

IBS Upcoming Prison Program

International Bodhisattva Sangha (IBS) would like to express our gratitude to the kind assistance from all of you to helping with our prison program.

The schedule for our upcoming trip is as follows:

10-6. North Kern SP (confirmed)

10-7 Wasco SP (confirmed)

10-8 Corcoran SATF (confirmed)

10-10 SALINAS Valley SP (confirmed)

10-11 CA Health Care Facility (confirmed)

10-12 Mule Creek SP

10-13 (AM) Folsom SP

10-13 (PM) CA-SP Sacramento (confirmed)

10-15 Valley SP (confirmed)

10-16 Chowchilla Women Facility (confirmed)

10-17 CA Men’s Colony (confirmed)

10-18 Norco SP (confirmed)

10-19 Chino Institution for Women (confirmed)


On this trip, we will be delivering more Buddha statues, Dharma instruments, and reading materials to the newly established sanghas.

IBS’ main mission is to bring hope and provide second chances to all of the incarcerated brothers and sisters in the iron temples. As such, we sincerely thank those who have contributed the support and assistance that have enabled these meaningful activities to be possible. Any donation will be gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated. To make a donation, please contact the following sources:


9715 Carroll Center Rd.

Suite #105 San Diego, CA 92126

(619) 450-3699

Email address: [email protected]

Make check payable to IBS or click on the link below for donation via PayPal:



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