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Carl Lin, EODFU

2013-07-24 08.19.19He was born in Vietnam in 1959.  On the age of 19 He was escape from Vietnam to Malaysia with his younger brother. After 7th month in refuge camp in Malaysia he came to the United State. 1983 he was graduated from San Diego State University. He worked for Hetz Rental Car Company for 5 years as Asst. City maintenance manager. Then he worked for Calterm Cooperation as junior account for three years

In 1999 he started his own business as a import and export. I run his own company for 8 years with very successfully. In 2005 in San Jose he got an opportunity to listen to a Dharma talk by Ven. Hanh Nguyen. That was his first time to introduced to the Buddhism. Since then he has been learning and practice  the Buddha Dharma. He was looking for a Dharma master for long time.  In 2011 he met Master Hueiguang from International Bodhisattva Sangha  (IBS) in San Diego during a Dharma function. He decided to volunteer with IBS activities. In same year IBS member elected him as the Executive Officer of Dharma Services Unit. In 2012 He took the three refuge and five precepts under Master Hueiguang. Now he is devoted most of his time in helping other people through IBS.

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