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Dharma Verses


1. 當不好事發生時,只有好人會回應。
When bad things happen, only good people responds.

2. 修行是為了超越自己,而不是放大我執。
Cultivation is to overcome oneself,

 not to magnified self-attachment.

3. 人類最殊勝的因緣,是可以學習佛法。
The special and unique condition for human
beings are able to learn the Buddha Dharma.

4. 生命本身沒有意義,


 Life itself does not have meaning;

your actions in life gave it meaning.

5. 「苦」是我們最好的老師。
“Suffering” is our best teacher.

6. 修行一切諸善法,盡除一切諸煩惱。
Cultivate wholesome deeds, eradicate all vexations

7. 吃多變胖,學多變博。
The more you ate, the fatter you are;
The more you learn, the wiser you become.

The nature of mind is beyond the big and small.

 Mind is not limited by the space.


 Wholesome deeds are achieved by pure motivation.

The most difficult learning is to understanding oneself.

11. 改變自己,是等於改變一切。

 Change yourself is changing the world.

12. 推廣素食也是,推廣慈悲的一種。
Propagating vegetarianism is one way to propagate compassion.

13. 心如降落傘,打開才有用。
The mind is like the parachute; you have to open it to use it.

14. 無信因果者,隨緣造惡業。
Those who remiss cause and effect are

likely to generate negative karma

15. 我曾抱怨我沒有鞋子穿 


I complained I had no shoes until I met a man who has no feet.

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