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99昨天美國菩薩寺收到印尼德噶中心寄過來的書籍。 我們非常感謝慧初法師及信徒們。這次的書籍我們會送到新的監獄的圖書館。光是在加州就有三十六家監獄,美國菩薩寺慢慢的每一家都會盡我們的力量去成立圖書館。如果有心想要在書籍或經費方面幫助的話,請跟我們聯絡。   "世界上沒有所謂的壞人,但有一時無明犯錯的人"。

希望每一個人都有機會聽聞佛法,我們讓受刑人給因緣修行,當他們放出來才在社會不會恐亂。希望世界和平,大家快樂。 阿彌陀佛教!

Yesterday August 15, 2013 received donation of 20 Dharma Books from Tegar Meditation Center Jakarta Indonesia. IBS would like to thank Ven Huei Chu and devotee for their kind contribution. These all Dharma books will deliver...

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Do not afraid of defilement;

Fear with not being mindful.


“Do not be afraid of defilements; fear only not being mindful”—this should be everyone’s lifelong work and is what we should all strive...

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Be wise on your path

The path of Cultivation is a long journey,

one needs to walk carefully and slowly.


You and I are not the only who are struggling, all sentient being are struggling to find the happiness. If there is a person said that I am not struggling, he/she could be a enlighten being or he/she is lying. Don’t worry you are not only the one who is struggling on the path. We all are struggling that’s why we are in Samsara. Buddha said “the essence of samsara is suffering.” For human beings there are 8 different suffering which are common to everyone. They are: Birth 生, old age 老, Illness 病, Death 死, Encountering what is unpleasant 怨憎會, Separate from what is pleasant 愛別離, Not getting what we want 求不得, The five appropriated aggregates 五陰熾盛。There is hardly find out a person who are freed from these suffering. Of course we can’t read their mind. Some are already freed from this suffering. They come to this world to help other sentient beings like (Bodhisattva).

Now the main point, the struggling level is different for those who are not enlighten because we all create different karma. Some may have less some may have more. In order to reduce the level of that feeling we have to practice according the Dharma. Like the saying, “The practice makes a man perfect”.  We are very fortunate that the Buddha came to this world; Dharma still exists in the world. There are many spiritual masters in this world. The only things we have to do is to learn from them and practice it. It is not easy but still we can do our best. If we move one step forward we are one-step closer to the truth. If we walk one mile we are closer one mile, if we go 10, 100, 1000 miles we are closer that much. Therefore eventually we will get there where we want to go.

Note: the direction of the way should be right, that is the most important thing. My master always said that if you are on the right path you are safe. For example He says, “ The IBS Temple is the destination for us to be there (Enlighten or Buddha-hood). Suppose there are two roads, one is very smooth, wide, less traffic but does not lead to The IBS Temple. The other one is narrow, bumpy, and heavy traffic too, but it is the right path goes to The IBS Temple. If a person chooses the smooth, wide and non-traffic road, there is no chance to get The IBS Temple. The more he/she drives on that road, the more far away from the destination. If a person chooses the bumpy, zigzag, and heavy traffic road. Of course it is very difficult and hard way but it is the right to get there where we want to go and sooner or later he/she will be there.”

We all are suffering more or less in this cycle of existence. The more one suffer the more one is trying to find the solution for the pain. Therefore if someone has lots of suffering and obstacles, it could be good condition for the person to enhance or develop his/her spirit or inner world. We don’t wish that someone should have obstacles but if it is the condition for their cultivation. That is a gift. That is blessing, that is the Dharma.

Buddha Bless All