7 Points of Mind Training


7-Points Mind Training to Generate Bodhicitta

Note that these 7 steps take a long time, and it may be advisable to just meditate on one step per session in the beginning.

1. Equanimity (one can also use above meditation on friend, enemy and stranger)- Friends may turn into enemies – Enemies may become friends – Strangers may become friends or enemies – Where is the difference between these people but in my own mind?

2. All sentient beings have been my loving mother or a best friend, as I have lived innumerable lives – Since beginningless time I have been reborn, in each of these lives I needed a mother- I have lived countless lives, and always had some good friends- Could not everyone have been my mother or my best friend?

3. Remember the kindness of your mother – My mother carried me in her body for 9 months- She fed me, washed me, kept me warm, cared for me when I was ill- She may not be perfect, but do I never make mistakes?- She made sure I received an education and taught me to take care of myself.

4. Wanting to repay the kindness- Would it not be great if I could repay her and all previous mothers’ kindness?

5. Generate great love- “May all mother sentient beings have happiness and the causes for happiness.”

6. Generate great compassion- “May all mother sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes for suffering.”

7. Generating Bodhicitta- “Instead of selfishly working for myself alone, I should work to bring all living beings happiness and release them from their suffering: therefore, may I become an omniscient Buddha, as he is the perfect doctor to cure the suffering of all my mother sentient beings.”

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