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Py’s thought.

My name is Py Cheong from Malaysia. I have been online volunteering for International Bodhisattva Sangha (IBS) since last month. I am helping with the typing correspondence letter of brothers’ for them. Within a short period of time I got to learn a lot about the Buddhist practitioner in prisons.

While typing those letters from the brothers, especially Chuck’s, I am learning to listen and hear what I cannot see or even imagine what it is like in the “iron temple” but am sure most of us do not have a good impression.

It is a blessing because of Buddhism, the prison is turned into an “iron temple (another new word I pick up from the brothers’ letter)” and we have people like Chuck who is very optimistic and enthusiastic. From his letters, one would not think it’s from an inmate. It’s full of life. Chuck is very organized with good leadership quality of getting things done. He is a good and intelligent writer and from the last few letters, I have learned a lot of new words from him, too eg “wicca”, “tutelary” .. just to name a few.

He deserve my respect for being so thoughtful and considerate for wanting to raise donations for making this visitation program possible though his resources is limited. Thumbs up!!
It’s my sincere hope that the IBS prison program will continue to grow for the benefit of all beings.


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