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Raymond Tam, COO

Born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the US at an early age of 6 has allowed Raymond to naturally assimilate both cultures smoothly and able to relate to others with an open-minded mentality.  He was fortuitously exposed to the profound Buddhist philosophy through first coming in contact with Master Hueiguang in high school and eventually graduated from the same college alongside with the Venerable Master himself.

 Subsequent to college, he was a volunteer chaplain in the IBS prison program in addition to fulfilling his full-time employment in the biotechnology field.  Raymond has always had a conviction that helping others is the most effective method to following the path of Buddha-hood to ultimately attaining enlightenment. He has solemnly abided by that principle as a way of life manifested through various humanitarian volunteering activities regardless of religious affiliation.  In general, he strongly believes that cultivating Buddha-hood can be readily achieved through one’s action with strong emphasis on right intention and motivation.

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