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The Joy of Volunteering


I started my bonding with IBS in 2011 when a friend living in Taichung brought me to IBS Temple.  She said it’s a very special temple with an unordinary low-profile appearance which gave her comfort and peace when she was inside.  I went and felt very comfortable and calm there.  After that visit, I forgot about it until I found its FB page.

Early November 2013, I saw the online volunteers recruitment note via FB and was interested in making use of my spare time on something meaningful but at the same time giving me freedom.  My strength is to do translation from English to Chinese as I was helping another NGO translate their website pages and articles from English to Chinese for years.  After writing to Ven. Xianzhong, I soon got his feedback and was assigned to help design and modify IBS blog in Sinablog.  As I have never been used Sinablog before, it was quite a big challenge for me.   After several tries, I decided I had better focus on the translation as I proposed at the very beginning.  I then first started with re-writing an article introducing IBS prison visits and its prison library program.

During the process, I learned more about IBS and its prison library program.  With our FB volunteer group established, we volunteers are able to get frequent updates from Ven. Xianzhong regarding IBS’ online volunteer recruitment, Buddhist books donations, prisons visits, etc.   That is a great platform for all of us to share thoughts and updates.  I knew I am not used to have interactions with others no matter in person or online.  Maybe I need to make a wish and be more active in the group from the year of Horse!

Happy Chinese New Year!

With Metta

Caroline Leung

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