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Happy New Year 2014

New Year


May the light of RIGHT VIEW illuminate the darkness
in our consciousness so that we are able to see the truth.

May our minds engage in RIGHT THOUGHT so that
we can protect our world and cherish all sentient beings.

May everyone use RIGHT SPEECH so that we can avoid
any potential dissension and misunderstanding in this world.

May everyone cultivate RIGHT ACTION so that
there will be no further harmful and destructive actions.

May everyone live with RIGHT LIVELIHOOD so that
we are able to attain a better and prosperous future.

May everyone practice with RIGHT EFFORT so that
we can better our lives and purify our inner spirits.

May we all cultivate RIGHT MINDFULNESS in our daily activities
so that we can avoid creating negative karma and live in peace.

May all sentient beings practice RIGHT CONCENTRATION so that all can
achieve ultimate enlightenment and be able to realize a mind of purity and joy.

By Prakāśanamadhya.

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