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IBS Prison Program

Today I would like to introduce one of the former students of IBS Prison Sangha. His name is Christopher Wagner, one of the good Buddhist practitioners in the Iron Temple. After 17 years of his retreat in the Iron Temple, he is a free man again. He took three refuges and 5 precepts a long time ago and became a vegetarian. He visited the IBS Temple in San Diego to give his thanks for supporting him during his retreat in the Iron Temple. I think the credit goes to all our supporters and volunteers. Here he would like to share how he met IBS in prison and what kind of changes he had.

This is IBS Prison Program’s first video of interviewing a brother. I hope that you share it with your friends and those who have been part of this program. Also, don’t forget to drop a comment. IBS would like to share more videos and articles about how Buddhism really benefiting them during their incarceration. Again, thanks for being part of this meaningful program.  Amituofo

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