It is Blessing

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Although I’m not sure how to explain it, life leads me to Buddhism. I grew up in what I believed was a traditional Christian environment, but the person who I looked to develop on understanding of Christianity wasn’t exactly a traditional Christian. I used to watch my mother do yoga and light meditative practices every morning, attempt to learn Tai Chi occasionally and then go to Church on Sunday. Of course, because I knew nothing else, I could only assume that this wa what the Christians were all doing. As I got older and began deciphering the difference between religious path and their practices, the early exposure to different practice prevented me from developing a discriminatory view towards other religions and grew into a desire to study them all to find what they had to offer to mankind. Eventually I found Siddha Yoga which emphasized self-discovery through right understanding and meditation. Around this time I had been incaicflated and sent to prison. Prison gave me an environment that was fasting, meditating, praying and studying extensively. Without the many distraction that come with daily life, I was able to work on myself and with the challenges prison posses the ego, I was able to witness my progress through daily experience. My conduct and behavior naturally drew me toward individuals of similar understandings who informed me about Buddhism. No too long afterward I signed up to attend the Buddhist service.I’ve come to Buddhism seeking knowledge of self, wisdom and understanding of life. Ultimately, I hope to achieve self-mastery and do believe that the practices prescribed by the Buddha can help. Although I am still fairly new to Buddhism, I have been given a clearer understood of what self mastery is and how to reach it.
Brother Rachee

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