Monthly Archives: January 2014

Happy Horse Year


Dear IBS Dharma Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year

First of all I would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year. As we contemplate this year, it is essential to remember that “Time and tide wait...

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1377541_10151643463531512_1073733259_nBeing a young adult, my future may seem to fill with excitements, free wills, and opportunities to experience life. The invincible pride confines me to view the world and people from a very subjective angle. Not to mention about putting myself in...

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Voice of the Volunteers


It was coincidental that I saw Ven Xian Zhong’s article in FB requesting for on-line volunteers.  Normally, I would just glance through articles posted in FB without going into details.  Maybe it’s Buddha’s calling or shall I say infinity.  Somehow it caught my...

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