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It is Blessing

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Although I’m not sure how to explain it, life leads me to Buddhism. I grew up in what I believed was a traditional Christian environment, but the person who I looked to develop on understanding of Christianity wasn’t exactly a traditional Christian. I used to watch my mother do yoga and light meditative practices every morning, attempt to learn Tai Chi occasionally and then go to Church on Sunday. Of course, because I knew nothing else, I could only assume that this wa what the Christians were all doing. As I got older and began deciphering the difference between religious path and their practices, the early exposure to different practice prevented me from developing a discriminatory view towards other religions and grew into a desire to study them all to find what they had to offer to mankind. Eventually I found Siddha Yoga which emphasized self-discovery through right understanding and meditation. Around this time I had been incaicflated and sent to prison. Prison gave me an environment that was fasting, meditating, praying and studying extensively. Without the many distraction that come with daily life, I was able to work on myself and with the challenges prison posses the ego, I was able to witness my progress through daily experience. My conduct and behavior naturally drew me toward individuals of similar understandings who informed me about Buddhism. No too long afterward I signed up to attend the Buddhist service.I’ve come to Buddhism seeking knowledge of self, wisdom and understanding of life. Ultimately, I hope to achieve self-mastery and do believe that the practices prescribed by the Buddha can help. Although I am still fairly new to Buddhism, I have been given a clearer understood of what self mastery is and how to reach it.
Brother Rachee

IBS Head Quater in Taiwan

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To create a temple with simple and tranquil spiritual sittings for modern people living in the bustling world, International Bodhisattva Sangha (IBS) has transcended the traditional temple architecture and adopted a modern plain concrete architectural style. Though the dynamic movements of light and water, impermanence is teaching the subtle and profound Dharma of Dependent Origination through the natural passing of time. IBS is guiding everyone the way home to their pure original mind. Based on the understanding of Madhyamika (middle path), we strives to promote and teach that cultivation is living and cultivation is not apart from living. Furthermore, by assisting Buddhists to develop a right understanding of the Dharma and learn to contemplate the truth of nonduality in daily living, they will be able practice all good deeds with nonattachment and realize the Bodhisattva ideal of wisdom and compassion.

Iron Temple

Transforming fierce fire into serene lotus

IBS Prison Program in San Diego California USA

 Interview with Ven. Xian Zhong

By disciple Lih Hwa

15 Questions to Ven. Xian Zhong by disciple Lih Hwa

Q1. Venerable Xian Zhong, it was said that during last month’s visit to...

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